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Living Well with Difficulties

mASCot parent Helen Moss rund our therapeutic support courses specialising in mental health, anxiety, depression and trauma.

Helen and mASCot offer low cost therapeutic support course for mASCot parents.


The intention of the course is to offer a space to connect with others, talk freely and to learn skills to support your ability to manage the demands of daily life, reduce stress levels and soothe our nervous system.

These courses provides you with an opportunity to come together in a friendly, non-judgemental space to share your experiences of living with difficulty.


Each week offers a mixture of peer support through talking, psychotherapeutic education and easy, simple breath and imagination/ meditation practices.


The course covers many themes including:

  • Tuning in

  • Meeting difficult emotions/ feelings

  • Exploring gentleness

  • Finding ease

  • A way forward.

Each week follows a similar format:


1. Starts with an arriving practice.

2. A verbal check in.

3. I introduce the theme.

4. Discussion in pairs or as one group around the theme.

5. Closing practice.


All practices shared have a root in yoga, psychotherapy and mindfulness. The yoga shared is not physical.


1. Yoga breathing.

2. Self massage.

3. Relaxation and meditation. 

Anyone wishing to do the course please contact Mimi to book a place.

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