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mASCot Transition to secondary school presentation

Here you will find the mASCot Zoom presentation on strategies and resources for autistic children Transitioning to Secondary School.

Basic printable version of Powerpoint slides

Here's a black & white copy of the presentation to print out if needed.

Editable printable transition work book

This book contains worksheets and projects to work with your child during their transition planning. Great to do through the summer. Use this as a template to add any useful resources you find.

Editable letter for new teachers

Here's a template letter for you to adapt to send to all your child's new teachers to inform them about your child.

Editable letter of need for child's to have in journal

This is a template letter of need for your child, adapt it to all about your child for them to show staff if needed.

Editable Timetable Fob sheet

Create a Timetable fob for your child. Edit to your child's timetable, print out and make fob. All detail in the presentation.

Who to speak to if....

Get your child to know who to go to in their new school for different reasons or situations.

Other good resources, we will keep adding as we find them

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