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Here you will find relevant documents and reports from mASCot and local or national services that may be of interest to you.

mASCot policies & Documents

Statutory policies, Statements & Forms

mASCot Articles of 


All the legalities of mASCot 

being a C.I.C

mASCot Data 

Protection Poli​cy

how we use and store member


mASCot Subject 

Access Request

Form to have access to all of 

your personal data we hold.


Minutes & Agendas

Archived Agendas and Minutes from 

our meetings & AGMs

mASCot Evaluation 


Please complete after attending any 

of our events or courses.


Child Safeguarding Policy

Our policy to protect 

children and young people in our care.

Uncollected Child 


Procedure for uncollected children 

from groups & clubs. 

Activity Risk 


Up to date risk assessments for our 

youth groups and activities.

Missing Child 


This Policy will be followed is a 

child goes missing for a club.

Requesting EHCP 

letter template

Follow this template when 

requesting and EHCP then send to 

Remote learning 

report template for EHCP 

Additional information to complete 

for parental statement for an EHCP.

Mental Health Risk

 Assessment Template

Ask your school to do a Mental Health

 Risk Assessment on your child.


Code of Practice

This is the code all schools and 

LA have to follow.

BHISS statement 

on their support with PDA

B&H position surrounding 

Pathological Demand Avoidance

Subject Access Request 

Code of Practice

This Guide explains your rights 

to personal data held about you. 

LA Subject 

Access Request

Form to get access to all documents 

held by the LA.

School Subject 

Access Request

Form to get access to all documents 

and records held by your child's school.

NHS Subject 

Access Request

Form to access documents 

held by the NHS.

Social Communication

 Resource Overview

Here is an overview of the 

primary and secondary provisions.

Social Communication

 Resource Eligibility Criteria

Does your child meet the 

eligibility criteria?

Social Communication

 Resource Request Form​

If you feel your child meets the 

criteria you can request a place.

Development of 

ASC Units

Report on new ASC 

provisions in B&H

Refusal to 

Assess appeals info pack

Resource to appeal if refused to 

assess your child for an EHCP. 

Refusal to 

Assess Appeal Form

Complete this form if you want to appeal a refusal to assess by the LA

Emotional Based School

 Avoidance (Childs Guide)

Information booklet for children 

and young people.

Emotional Based School

 Avoidance (School Guide)

For schools to support 

children struggling to cope with school.

Emotional Based School

 Avoidance (Parental Guide)

For parents and carers children or 

young adult struggling to go to school.

Information on 

the Hive

Report from Hill Park School on their 

involvement in running the Hive

Proposal for the 

new Hive 

Slide show of the plans, proposals & information on the new Hive.

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