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mASCot is a place to seek and offer support for our amazing diverse families. It is often hard to fit in or know where to start accessing the support you need when you have an Autistic child/children.

It can be even more difficult if English is your second language or you are Black, Mixed heritage, Asian and from varying ethnic communities.

Within mASCot we have a wide diverse membership and we want to make mASCot as inclusive as we can. Liz has come onboard as our Culture lead to help us help our members be included in all we offer and in all they can access locally and nationally. 

Liz Soper

Liz is a Brighton and Hove autism champion and has a long history in aspects of childcare.

She has gained training at the PDA society workshop, With Holly Bridges and at P.A.S.T.

Liz is passionate about learning from autistic advocates and professionals.

She has both organised talks and has taken part as a speaker and shared her experience as a mixed heritage mother with other people of colour. 

"As a parent carer activist committed to equality, inclusion and anti-racism my hope is to improve pathways, journeys for others and ensure all voices are heard"

With her knowledge and belief in community she aims to create positive change from her challenging experiences.

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