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We're part of the

Co-op Local Community Fund

Select mASCot as your cause

"mASCot has been selected as a Co-op Local Cause.

When members buy Co-op branded products and services mASCot will receive funds from the Co-op Local Community Fund"

When you become a Co-op member and buy selected Co-op branded products and services, 1p from every pound spent goes to support local causes, so please choose mASCot as yours. 


Co-op members can select mASCot as their local cause by signing up to be a Co-op member by clicking the Co-op button below.  


We really hope that people will visit the Co-op website or download the Co-op app and select mASCot as their Local Community Fund cause so we can continue making a difference. 

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Become a Co-op member


Choose mASCot as your cause to support


Get the Co-op app here

By supporting mASCot via the Co-op you will be helping to raise much needed fund to help support our mASCot families.

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