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Who we are & What we do

Who are we

mASCot is a parent led peer to peer support network for families who have an autistic child/children or young person. mASCot brings families together and enables them to connect with others in similar situations as themselves.


We are all families from the Brighton and Hove area, but over the last couple of years our membership has spread more into East & West Sussex.


We all benefit greatly from being able to share our experiences and swap strategies and knowledge as well as provide many projects, clubs and  groups which benefit our families.


mASCot is a resource that is always available; there are many opportunities for families to learn, socialise, access therapies and to take part in activities that are all specially geared for our families with autistic children & young adults. 


mASCot is all about celebrating our wonderfully diverse families and allowing our children to be themselves whilst learning the skills to grow and thrive in the world as well as supporting parents in this sometimes difficult  journey .

What we do

We have evolved over the years and we now have over 1800 members and our membership is growing daily and the areas we cover grow daily.


mASCot has a hard working group of Directors, and a committed sub-group of parents, all of whom have an autistic child/children or young adult, we are continually working hard to improve the services for our children within B&H.


We are continually planning new projects which include activities, talks, clubs, workshops and meet ups for our mASCot children and families. 


The best thing about mASCot is that we are all there for each other, we all know how busy family life can be, so we understand that having a place where we can share problems, solutions and advice 24/7 is so important.


Being able to access a network of support and talk to fellow parents whenever you need is amazing. 


Just being able to just share a story is great. There will always be someone to listen and be there for you in mASCot, whether it on our forum of a 1-1 session with one of the mASCot Team.

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