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Talks, Workshops and courses

Bringing information to our members

We aim to arrange as many talks & workshops as we can throughout the year, on a wide range of subjects that are relevant for our members. mASCot members often come up themselves with ideas or requests for certain speakers or specific topics and organise the events. We also run courses & training which help build up a better knowledge of many of the conditions that our children and families have to deal with. These sessions enable parents with the ongoing task of building up a broad database of strategies to help manage day to day issues and to grow skills that will be needed on their journey.

"Some people want it to happen, 

some wish it would happen, 

others make it happen"

Here are some of the wonderful people who have run courses or have held talks for our members

 mASCot work closely with therapists and specialists to run affordable workshops, courses and sessions for our members. All our partners and partner groups have previously worked with our families at some point and have come to us highly recommended. 

We also have amazing people in to do talks for us, these are all people who have lived the experience of an Autistic child, are on the spectrum themselves or are an expert or knowledgeable in their field.

Judith Lewis

Hi, my name is Judith Lewis and I am a Behaviour Specialist based in Brighton and Hove. Our company, The Orange Pod Ltd, is one of only a few in the UK who are completely independent and privately funded. As the founder and director, I combine running an ethical and energised company specialising in changing behaviour, with seeing private clients and holding select group engagements. We offer a range of services and beautiful specialists, all of whom are passionate about empowering individuals and parents in managing behaviour and seeing whole families thrive. For over 2 decades, I have worked with children, young people, families and institutions to discover the most effective ways of influencing behaviour changes. This affords me a unique insight into my client’s needs. Drawing from psychological and counselling background, specific and ongoing training plus experience in understanding exactly the precise need, each individual client is coached using both well researched and bespoke strategies to see immediate general and long term specific improvements. Your family’s situation can be dramatically improved. Our approach is successful when working with both individuals, families and groups.

Please take a look at the testimonials of some of those whose lives have been turned around by clicking the orange below and do get in touch if you think you could benefit from our services.

Philippa Aspey

Being an Integrative Counsellor / Psychotherapist means that I work collaboratively with clients; utilising aspects of several different psychological approaches (person-Centred, Psychodynamic, Cognitive -behavioural, solution- focused and Creative Arts) to suit the varying needs of each individual.  I can work with a wide range of emotional difficulties and mental health issues, such as:

  • Abuse

  • Anger issues

  • Anxiety disorders

  • Depression

  • Eating disorders

  • Family dynamics

  • Isolation

  • Identity issues

  • Loss and bereavement

  • Low self-esteem

  • Life changes and transitions

  • Psychoses

  • Relationship issues

  • Sexuality

  • Stress

  • Substance misuse

  • Trauma.

I am a warm, empathic person who can offer you a safe, confidential space in which to explore your issues, whatever they may be, at your own pace.

Joe James

My name is Joe James and I'm Autistic. I was diagnosed 5 years ago when I was 32. Life was always hard because I didn't fit in and I didn't know why. But recently people have started to accept me but I still feel down sometimes. In the Autumn of 2018 I got into photography. It became my “special interest” and I bought my camera in September. I did this because I had slipped into a depression due to my anxiety. It helped me focus on doing something positive and take my mind off the negative. Along with mindfulness and the love and support of my amazing wife and beautiful children I was able to come out of the tunnel into the light.

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