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Our mASCot

 Swimming Club

A wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon, swimming and spending time with all the family. 

Our mASCot swimming club is an inclusive space for children to enjoy swimming in tolerant, non judgemental area and for them to be able to join in the wonderful fun activities that they might not normally be able to access.

Unfortunately we are no longer running these sessions due to lack of funding.

Where & When


Lancing College swimming pool, 

Lancing College, 

West Sussex, 

BN15 0RW


Jo Mathews or Sonya Hilton

via mASCot forum


Sam Bayley 07943346055


Every Sunday 

1pm - 2pm


£3 per hour

All our groups and clubs are for our mASCot members only, if you wish to join go to our join mASCot page.

Terms & Conditions

mASCot are subsidising the use of the swimming facilities at Lancing College for members to access.

Please read and tick that you agree to these terms & condition on the registration form.

As a member I agreed to use the facilities provided by mASCot in a responsible manner.

I understand that mASCot, although funding the facilities will not be held responsible for:

•loss or damage of personal belongings

•myself or my child/children's behaviour

•The safety of myself and/or my child/children.

•Any problems with the venue itself to be dealt with direct with the venue owners.

I accept, that even though I am here as a member of the support group mASCot, I have sole responsibility for my child/children's actions. I will be responsible for any loss or damage to my own or any property belonging to mASCot, the provided venue, or any other persons that results from mine or my child/children’s actions.

I understand that there will be no group lead from mASCot and that all provisions are provided by Lancing College 

Read Lancing College swimming pool policy here

All data collected come under our GDPR Data protection policy and all clubs & Group follow our Membership rules which you agreed to when joining mASCot.

Read again HERE

Payment for swimming

Swimming Session Registration

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