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Summer Party at the Stoneham Pub

On a beautiful summer day we partied at the Stoneham Pub to raise awareness of Autism and to raise money foe mASCot.

Once again one of our lovely members Sonya put mASCot forward as the named organisation to benefit from the Stoneham Pubs annual summer garden party.


We had our colourful stall set up with all our information to give out and plenty of fiddle toys to sell. A very kind neighbour of the The Stoneham, John, baked some cakes for us to sell too. 


It was a lovely day and we spoke to many people about Autism and shared information on all we do in mASCot.


Thank you Sam, Laura, Louise and Marnie for helping run the stall 

Summer fun

Stoneham Pub

You raised 

£251 .96

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