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mASCot want to help you !!!

We want to build up a database to identify where there is good practice or a lack of awareness and understanding when dealing with our ASC children and families.  


This could be at school, any of the services that deal with your child or the Local Authority. If you have had an experience you feel unhappy about and would like to share it with us to either get our support whilst you deal with the issue or just to get it off your chest then please complete the form.


Just as importantly if you have had a positive experience or have received outstanding support from these areas please do tell us too so we can get a clear picture of how Brighton and Hove are meeting families needs.


Please note that no names will be passed on to any other parties and all details will only be used to feedback to relevant people, panels and groups to help mASCot improve services in B&H


This is only for schools/services in Brighton and Hove


Age of Child/young adult


School or service your feedback is on

What did you want to tell us*

Email Address *

“The most basic of all human needs is to understand and be understood. 

The best way to understand people is to listen to them.” 

-Ralph Nichols

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