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Pam & Mal

See What People Are Saying

"I'm so proud of my Mum & Dad for being together for 60yrs, I'm even more proud of how selfless they are to want mASCot to benefit in their celebrations, I love you both"

-Sam Bayley

Diamond Wedding Anniversary.

On the 1st August 2019 Pamela & Malcolm Linzey celebrated their 60th Wedding Anniversary. They wanted to have a big party with all their friends and family, so they could celebrate this special time with all the people they love. 

Very kindly they both decided that they didn't want any presents but wanted everyone to donate to mASCot instead.

Donation tins were made and set up at the party and everyone donated so generously that £166 was collected that evening.

"Thank you to all who contributed"

"I've always been proud of my daughter Sam, especially for starting mASCot and supporting many families. Sam works so hard and for her to find the time to arrange and make all the decorations, sort the  music and to make a very special evening for us with her sister Suzie is amazing. We are so happy that our family and friends could donate something towards supporting Sam & many mASCot families"


"It's lovely that our family and friends kindly donated to mASCot. Malcolm and I are very proud that our daughter Sam started mASCot over ten years ago and that it has helped so many families. It also goes without saying that Mimi and ‘the team’ have been invaluable to mASCot, which Sam never fails to say....That said it was our absolute pleasure to donate to mASCot. Keep up the wonderful work you all do"


Pam and Mal 

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