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mASCot OFSTED Report

mASCot compiled a survey of it's members to collate information to hand into OFSTED for them to include in their inspection and their final report.

We handed in our report at the beginning of the inspection when 300+ families had responded, we then kept the survey open for a further 7 days, over 470 members responded and told us of their experiences. 

This report shows a very different picture to what OFSTED's finding where, and we are seriously concerned that many families needs are not being met in B&H. 

OFSTED Inspected B&H Local Authority on it's SEND provisions for families, this is the report that came out stating their findings after 3 weeks of inspections.

mASCot families are shocked at OFSTED's findings as it paints a very different picture to the experiences families face day to day.

The report doesn't reflect any of the findings that were evident in the mASCot report and the feelings of desperation families feel has definitely not been picked up be the inspectors.

This is a very brief, limited worded report that doesn't sum up the real experience of local families.

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