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“Our similarities bring us to a common ground; 
our differences allow us to be fascinated by each other.”

-Tom Robbins

Aug 6th 2022

After a long two years without Pride, it's back. A beautiful sunny day to celebrate our wonderful diverse community. Thanks again to B&H Buses for letting us have the Diversity bus as a chill space and thank youto everyone who came to make it a fun day. 

Aug 4th 2019

some of our Teen+ gang wanted to go along to Pride this year but were concerned they would struggle with the busy crowds and noise. So they invited Jayne Babb, the event manager of Pride, to come along to the club to meet and chat with them. 

This led to Jayne arranging a quite area for mASCot families to meet up and enjoy the day. We also contacted Victoria Garcia from Brighton and Hove Buses who kindly let us have the Pride bus to use. Everyone had an amazing day and hopefully this will be a regular event for mASCot. 

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