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Surviving Lockdown and the Summer Holidays

How we survived the summer holidays and lockdown.

I just wanted to say a massive thank you and well done to all of us in mASCot for the way we have all supported and are continuing to support each other through these strange and very hard challenging times.


I especially want to thank Team mASCot who have been doing so much behind the scenes, not only to support all our members but to actively provide activities, groups and to continue to run as many projects as we possibly can since Lockdown and through the summer holidays.


As you can see by the photos a lot fun has been had by many.


We want to say a few thank you's to everyone who has gone that bit over and above to support our mASCot community.


Jo Matthews

For running the Girls Group via Zoom, with music, fun, make up lessons, picnics, beach fun and day trips out.


Becky Robinson

For continuing to champion away as her roll as our PACC rep to get parks open for our kids, fight the blue badge problem, seek funding from the LA to run some of the activities over the summer.


Laura Marrs

Who moved all the Minecraft over to virtual gaming for the kids to meet up online, arranged fitness sessions with Duncan so the kids could get out for fun activities.


Mimi Banks

For running Zoom Teen+, siblings’ group, Day trips to Bowles Activity Centre and birthday beach parties, as well as organising our new OT sessions.


Liz Soper

For helping arranged paddle boarding sessions for the children and adults over the summer, which they all thoroughly enjoyed, Liz also arranged a BAME talk and an OT talk via Zoom, which we hope to do more of.


Sam Bayley

For doing many, many 1-1s on the phone or via Zoom supporting, guiding or just being a listening ear for members, held Zoom coffee chats, made mask exemption badges for our kids, and provided sunflower lanyards.


Mostly though it’s been the support we have given each other, I know members who have done the shopping for other members who have been too poorly to go out themselves, even though they haven’t met, the amazing help and support you’ve given to each other every day, you've helped others to get through some really stressful, low times and shown each other that we care.


We are so lucky we all have each other and have our amazing mASCot community.


power to us.


When everything gets taken away, we will provide it ourselves.

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