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Ian Marrs running 10k for March4mASCot month

Ian and his wife Laura have been members of mASCot for many years and it is great that Ian decided to raise money for mASCot to celebrate our March4mASCot month.


Ian set up a JustGiving page to raise funds​ saying:


"As some of your may be aware my eldest son is autistic and raising a neurodiverse child in a neurotypical world can be both wonderful and challenging.


Support in whatever form it come can make a massive difference and we have been blessed by have mASCot help us in so many ways.

mASCot is a parent led peer to peer support network for families who have a child/children or young person with an Autism Spectrum Condition. 

mASCot brings families together and enables them to connect with others in similar situations as themselves.

It is a resource that is always available; there are many opportunities for families to learn, socialise, access therapies and to take part in activities that are all specially geared for those living with ASC.


mASCot is all about celebrating our wonderfully diverse families and allowing our children to be themselves whilst learning the skills to grow and thrive in the world."



"This was the first 10k I had done for years and I was hoping to be able to post a good time.
In the end I did better then expected despite it being windy and being overtaken by James Cracknell!"

Ian works for Chubb and wrote to them asking if they would fund match what he raised and this was their response.

You wrote to Charity at Chubb about your 10K run for mASCot. Congratulations on that !

As you noted we are normally quite strict about supporting only registered charities. It is our constitution.

However this seems like an amazing organisation and the Committee has, on an exception basis, approved a £500 donation.

Thank you Chubb for supporting us so generously

Ian & Chubb

Together You raised


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