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"Horses don’t judge and they are present in the moment, so they are great for building interactions with.

You can easily read their responses to your behaviour and actions via their movements and can easily read body language which can be rewarding and encouraging. Horses and humans have a historical relationship that goes back over thousands of years. Neither horses nor humans would have evolved the way they have without the other and so the relationship between us is primal and natural and is easy to access once we have the opportunity and time. It can be a cathartic and empowering experience to interact with such a large animal that volunteers its companionship"

Equine Assisted Learning


Here is all the information you need to book, pay for and give feedback regarding your place on the Equine Therapy Courses.


Equine assisted learning is for kids aged 8 to 18+ with ASC:

Group sessions, interacting with the lovely therapy ponies.


The session is led by the children and what they want to do. For some, it can be as simple as watching the herd, being out in the fields or having a wander round and that might be enough for them on that day. 


For others, they may enjoy grooming the ponies, lifting their feet, leading them, and moving them around and for those who want more of a challenge we set up various activities to do with the ponies, involving obstacle courses and maybe even leading them over jumps.


The emphasis is on giving the child the space to interact with the pony in a way that works for them and helping them build autonomy over time.


The sessions are an hour long and have a low demand approach and the children do as much as they feel comfortable with. Children generally find spending time with the horses exciting and pleasurable.


The children come with a care-giver or parent who stays for the whole session.


The sessions start with introductions and a safety briefing and then move onto the activity that is most appropriate for the child on that day.


Sophie has trained and owned horses and ponies for over 25 years. She has studied and worked in social care for over 12 years and has been a Social Worker in Fostering since 2019 and previously worked in children's homes.


Sophie is Mum to her 12-year-old daughter, Sophie grew up in a fostering household so has a wealth of knowledge of the behaviours and struggles looked after children and young people can face and is passionate in sharing the benefits that horses can bring.

Booking, Payments, Survey and Feedback forms

"We are aware these forms seem quite long, but it's all the information we need to continue providing these projects at low, affordable costs for our members, so thank you for taking the time".

Payment Details

Asc-mascot C.i.c.



This Participant Survey needs to be completed by all who attend our Equine Therapy groups.

Team mASCot work really hard behind the scenes to secure funding for families to access amazing opportunities at a subsidised cost.


All funders need to know how well the projects they have funded went and get some feedback on how these activities went.


Here is a a  brief participant survey to capture information about each participant's experience. 


It is important Sport England receive this information from each participant to help ensure future funding applications.

It is really important that this survey is completed for us to continue to receive funding.

Evaluation form

As well as our funders, mASCot need to know if we are getting it right too.

If you need any more information contact Laura:




Mobile: 07766 314689

For more information on Sport England visit:

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