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Dave Gill

At the co-op we do regular charity fundraising, this time round the staff put together a hamper to raffle off, also a collection box. We are so please to be donating to mASCot.

Thank you Co-op for supporting us so generously

Dave Gill & The Co-op

Together You raised


We were so happy to receive the news that Dave had chosen mASCot for his work to raise money for, these donations go a long way in supporting our mASCot families.

Dave told us:

"I chose mASCcot to donate to, as it is an amazing charity for local families, I also chose mascot as what they do is close to my families hearts.

My son Richie is currently on the pathway for a diagnosis, which has been a very long process as this all started when he was in reception he is now in year 2.

I met Sam Bailey from mASCot at a talk at my sons school"

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