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Christa's Story

Christa walked the Camino 50 miles and raised money for mASCot

Why I wanted to help mASCot

"When I was diagnosed with Cancer four years ago, 

I decided to try to have a new project every year to celebrate that I am still alive. 

Consequently when someone asked if I would like to walk part of the Camino to Santiago de Compostela in Spain, I agreed without realising what it actually meant. 

I am not a rambler though I did used to cycle. 

 It was a huge challenge for me to walk 50 miles in one week, walking day after day. 

Friends urged me to do some good for others as it was such a challenge, in that it would spur me on. 

Well I made it and I survived no blisters, and no sore feet.

Latterly I have been conscious of the lack of support and cuts in funding to help children on the Spectrum and I am full of admiration of the work you do with Social Detectives, which helps children and later adults navigate the world in a positive way.

So in some small way I hope it helps some children gain access to these courses"


Your contribution will definitely help children access our Social Detective courses. For mASCot to be able to subsidise these therapies it allows parents who previously couldn't afford these interventions to have access to all we do, it is something mASCot is so proud of. 


Thank you Christa for helping to make this possible, 


From Team mASCot

Christ Wilson

You raised


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