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New Social Group for adults aged 18-35 years.


💚Please note, this is for the young adult to join not their parent carers💚


mASCot has entered a new chapter over the past few years where many of our children are now adults and are wanting to access their own activities independently from their parent carers and the mASCot youth groups.


Bill &Leigh are a locally based Neurodiverse couple who have created an amazing space to connect, meet and socialise, via a Facebook group & Discord server.


The idea of this space is to create an inclusive hub where an ND community of young adults can meet virtually to chat, make friends and to plan and arrange meet ups, including:

  • Gigs

  • Clubbing

  • Gaming nights

  • Cinema

  • Cafe meets

  • Dungeons & Dragons Group

  • Online events via Discord

This group is open to any young ND adults who are currently based in B&H or surrounding areas. It will be outside of the original mASCot family network, so any young adults wishing to sign up will do so independently (i.e. they don’t need to have a mASCot parent/carer).


This new initiative has really great potential to grow into a thriving meeting space for many young adults whether they just want to meet virtually or in person, we can’t wait to see to evolve!


Click the button below to join their group.


"Please do share this info with any young ND adults for whom it might be relevant"

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