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Team mASCot feel very proud of the awards we have won and for the ones we have been nominated for. 

To be recognised for the work we do for local families is amazing.

"Coming together is the beginning.

Keeping together is progress.

Working together is success"

All the fun getting our awards 

Sam Bayley, founder and Director of mASCot says......

"It’s so great that mASCot have been nominated for this award, 

more so because it’s an award celebrating diversity which is what mASCot is all about.

mASCot brings together families so we can support, connect and be there for each other, 

we embrace all our wonderful, diverse families.

It isn’t just the Directors, who run mASCot behind the scenes, who have been nominated, 

it’s everyone of our 1600 strong members 

who are always there for each other and make mASCot the amazing group it is" 

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