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Andrew Wealls

Always supporting, always fighting

Always on the side of our children

mASCot sit on many boards and panels in Brighton and Hove but can't sit in on all of the main council meeting. Andrew always worked very closely with mASCot to take really important issues to the table and to get our families voices heard. Andrew sat on the ASC scrutiny panel and pushed for many of our recommendations to be acted upon and added to the SEN policy.

mASCot appreciate everything that Andrew has done for us and will always be thankful of the work he has done for us.

My most rewarding experience is improving education for autistic children and working with charities like PAC UK and Impact Initiatives"

-Andrew Wealls

The Parent and Carers Council Awards are held every year and mASCot didn't hesitate to nominate Andrew Wealls for a special award.

We wanted to acknowledge the hard work and time he has speant helping mASCot and its members.

Andrew has now stepped down as a local councillor and has moved on to pastures new. As well as being there for us, he has also taught us a lot along the way.


Thank you Andrew, from all of Team mASCot 

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