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Groups & support for your child's ADHD journey.

mASCot is a support network for families with autistic children, whether that's from the point of recognising it may be autism, being on the diagnostic pathway or with a full diagnosis. Many of our autistic children do have an ADHD diagnosis too or are in the process of getting a dual diagnosis but autism is the reason they are part of mASCot.


Our primary knowledge of support is autism, so we are only able to accept families whose children have additional conditions if they have been identified as possibly being autistic, or on the autism pathway, or have an existing primary diagnosis of autism. 


Therefore at this point we are unable to support families who are seeking ADHD support only.   


This page will signpost you to groups and resources which will support you in all things ADHD.

Online Groups

A support network for parents of children with ADHD.

Local Facebook Support Group run by ADHD Aware.

Supporting children with Compassion & understanding.


Downloadable PDF explaining ADHD characteristics.



practical advice on supporting ADHD and mental health.

Building better futures for children with ADHD.

Diagnostic Clinic for diagnosis of ADHD.

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