Here is some information on local Therapies and interventions that some of our families use and have found to be of benefit to their children and families.

BioKitchen & Nutritional therapy

Hi I’m Lynn, a registered nutritional therapist working with both adults and children. I have a 10 year old son with ASC, and over the last 7 years through diet he has overcome many extreme behavioural difficulties. Digestion problems, food sensitivities, and detoxification issues can wreak havoc with your nervous system and negatively affect behaviour, emotions and sleep. Certain common foods can often be red flags for our children, so diet modifications can make a profound difference. You can read more about his healing journey on my website 

I also work with adults and parents of autistic children with a wide range of conditions including stress related illness, gut problems, depression and autoimmune disease. 
I produce individualised nutrition plans and work together with you as a team. Most importantly I give practical advice about how to implement changes in your kitchen (which can feel daunting I know). Any health condition has inflammation at the root, and nutrition can break this vicious cycle, and all your brain and body to heal. Kids can make huge leaps forward with the right foods to support their growing brain and bodies. Feel free to call me to havea chat and book an appointment, or you can email me from my website..


R.E.R. Therapy is a methodology that uses multisensory interactive technology called ConTatto enable to translate every child’s movements into sounds following specific procedures. It is an innovative and implicit test intervention NON invasive and fun for the child either measuring his improvements. R.E.R. therapy offers an environment in which the threefold relationship between body movement, sound and mood is exploited in peculiar settings aimed at strengthening the child’s perception improving his/her skills. The sounds self generated by the child move his body in gentle motions to send a message to the brain to re-organize its logic for more aware movements. Without the use of equipment, force or constraint, children are very receptive to the approach, and quite often they will begin soon to initiate movements on their own initiative. R.E.R. Therapy consists of cycles of four modules characterized by particular sounds and psychomotor exercises, increasing in complexity, which contribute to the psychomotor integration of the child. R.E.R. Therapy will help your child learning agility, balance, climbing and co-ordination skills appropriate to their age. A structured and tailored R.E.R. Therapy programme has been designed to build with every child the self-confidence and develop essential listening and language skills for transfer in the daily life. Supervised by a trained staff in a fun and caring environment.

Aspey Therapy

Philippa is a fully accredited Integrative Counsellor/Psychotherapist with twelve years’ experience in the public, voluntary and private sectors; including nine years working at the Priory in Hove.

We have just run our first mASCot therapeutic workshop with Philippa. The course ran for 6 weeks and was brilliant.

Philippa works with a wide range of emotional difficulties and mental health issues, such as:-
Anger issues
Anxiety disorders
Eating disorders
Family dynamics
Identity issues
Loss and bereavement
Low self-esteem
Life changes and transitions
Relationship issues
Substance misuse

She is a warm, empathic person who can offer you a safe, confidential space in which to explore your issues, whatever they may be, at your own pace.

To find out more about Philippa and her own private practice click her photo below.

The Teaching and Learning Collaboration

Some behaviours stop your child from fully enjoying and experiencing the world around them.
Perhaps they struggle to form friendships or learn at school. Perhaps sleeping, eating or toilet training is a problem.
We will work with you, your child and their school or nursery staff to find solutions that work.

Daniel and Caroline from TLC also run the Social Detective in collaboration with mASCot. To find out more about the Social Detective please click the logo below.

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