Talks and Workshops

We’ve had some great success so far with our talks and workshops. Daniel Horan, a psychologist and ABA therapist with expertise in Autistic Spectrum Condition gave a talk to parents entitled 'Socially Speaking' which looked at strategies to help develop, maintain and generalise our children’s social communication skills. There was so much interest from our members that we asked Daniel to do the talk twice! Daniel did a second talk; this time on Managing Problem Behaviour and Teaching Replacement Skills. Not only did the session cover behavioural theory, but parents were able to contact Daniel ahead of the talks with examples of specific problem behaviours that their child was exhibiting so that these could be addressed directly during the sessions. Daniel’s advice and practical tips were helpful and relevant to our specific needs. A CD was offered to all those who attended which we can make available to those who were unable to attend.

Claire Salter did a talk on Memory, Focus and Attention. Claire is a specialist in dyslexia, and has recognised the way in which the brains of children with ASC, ADHD and dyslexia have similarities. Her talk looked at the way the brain processes and stores information and she gave advice on how to help our children improve their memory, focus and attention. mASCot members attended in their droves and the talk was a resounding success. For those who missed the session, we can provide notes by email.

Lynne and Priya hosted a workshop on Dietary Interventions for children with autism. Parent power! It was great to see parents supporting each other, sharing their information and expertise. Some brave parents have embarked on the journey of dietary intervention with their children. We wish them success and hope they keep us up to date with their progress.

Coming up:
In addition to our talks led by experts, we are really keen to promote parent-led workshops where we can get together and share our knowledge and expertise.

Suggestions for future talks and workshops include:
  • Talking to your child about their diagnosis
  • SEN statements, Annual Reviews and dealing with schools
  • The journey through SENDIST tribunals
  • How to handle and get the most out of meetings.

If you have any ideas or requests for future workshops, or know of people who would be willing to give talks, please let us know as always, we value your input.