Power Brain Programme

There are 2 dates for taster sessions for mASCot families. Sunday afternoons 28th May and 4th June at the Body & Brain Yoga Centre of Trafalgar St. A great opportunity to meet Anna-Lisa, for your children/young people to sample some of the exercises and activities, and to ask any questions about the programme.
Please email mimibanks@asc-mascot.com to book into a taster session. 

Power Brain Education is a unique combination of Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness and Brain Games. It is designed to develop the full potential of the human brain in both adults and children.
PBE is taught in 1000s of schools worldwide including the UK, the USA and South Korea, where it originated.
These sessions draw from traditional health practices in both Western and Eastern cultures, including influence from contemporary neuroscience research and techniques to maximise individual body development (co-ordination, strength, awareness), emotional regulation (anxiety, stress, self image) and social awareness.
Delivered by facilitator Anna-Lisa Drew, who is developing a specialism in working with ASC children and young people, and also has a background in the art psychotherapy profession with experience in mainstream and SEN education, psychiatric units and hospices.

Introductory Meeting
A 1:1 session for parents and child to meet Anna-Lisa and learn more about the training. A chance for the instructor to understand the needs of the family and individuals.
£20 30mins - 1hr (concessions available)

Bespoke ASC Group Classes
Small group class for young people on the Autistic Spectrum.
£80 10 classes (concessions available)

1:1 Sessions also available if more appropriate to your child
30 mins £20
40mins £25
1 hour £35
Book 6 sessions and receive 10% discount
Book 10 sessions and receive 15% discount
90min sessions for 12 weeks in depth training programme £320
Includes free weekly group class and private check up sessions

Body and Brain Yoga Centre, 79 Trafalgar St, BN1 4EB

I'm Interested in the Brain Power Education
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1:1 Session
ASC Group
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Example 60 minute Class
5 minute Introduction, Rules & Structure
5 minute High Energy Game/Activity
15 minutes Stretching, Core Strength and Flexibility Development
10 minute Relaxation & Breathing Techniques & Meditation
15 minute Weekly Focus Activity eg neuroplasticity games
10 minute circle time – sharing/sharing good news/group massage/creative activity

We offer a 10-15 week programme that focuses on a different theme every week. Typically it begins by developing physical health and body awareness including healthy eating, it then focuses on the brain structure and exercises to develop neuroplasticity and intergrating hemispheres. Next it involves identifying and managing emotions, developing creative thinking and summarises with confidence development, team building and leadership. The programme can be adapted to a specific school or class’s needs. For example developing the ability to focus, emphasising numeracy skills or developing intrapersonal relationships. Some theme titles include: ‘I Can Do It!’, ‘Working Together’, ‘My Amazing Brain’ and ‘I Have a Dream!’

During the classes children will learn and gain:
Physical strength and vitality, balance and flexibility
More confidence
A harmonious left/right brain hemisphere development
How to work in a team, care and help one another and the world around them
Breathing and relaxation techniques
Emotional self-control
Increased focus and dedication to whatever they are engaged with
The ability to relax
Being more patient with themselves and others.

We believe every young person has intrinsic value in society and aim to cultivate the best in them so that they can take ownership of their experience of life and contribute to the world. We aim to provide young people with the tools to be able to make the best decisions and to be strong enough to live their lives to their fullest; managing stress and challenges arising every day. We believe it is vital that our kids grow up to be caring, mindful and creative individuals.  Our training helps young people realise their own importance, gain more confidence, reduce their limitations, set goals for the future, achieve their dreams and simply have fun doing so!

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