Natural Health Clinic

The mASCot Natural Health Clinic
is a team of paediatric cranial osteopaths, nutritionists and health professionals led by Cranial Osteopath Astra Grayland, working with a joint aim to provide our kids and young people with a multidisciplinary system of health care support.

The low cost scheme has been running since 2013 for ASC young people and their siblings.

Astra sees each person for initial assessments, regular reviews and to plan a bespoke programme for each child. Always in consultation with parents/carers, she may refer that child on to associate therapist/s for a particular aspect or course of work. All therapists will be in communication with each other, and the child will see Astra again for reviews and adjustments to their programme.

ALL fees will stay in line with the low cost mASCot pricing scheme (see below), and frequency of appointments will be arranged entirely to suit each family.

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Developing our Holistic Approach
In the very near future, there will be additional people (and skills) joining the core healthcare team AND we will be looking to make active links across all the existing and new mASCot programmes e.g. Social Detectives, Music Therapy, Forest School, Yoga Mindfulness, Counselling (and more…watch this space) with the aim of creating a fully comprehensive holistic approach for each child or young person.


First 30 minute assessment, subsidised for all new patients, at £15.

£25 (£20 conc) - 30 minute appointment

As always, we would never allow cost to exclude anybody, we try and keep our members contribution as low as possible. We will make special arrangements if these rates are still a barrier to access. Please email to discuss

mASCot Centre @ The Children’s Centre
Portslade Library
223 Old Shoreham Road


Clinics take place monthly, generally on a Saturday morning.
(Occasional weekdays in the holidays)

Email for specific dates or with any questions or to book an appointment

Parents Account
“Astra has been instrumental in the astounding progress that my son has made in his state of health, sleep, anxiety and sensory issues, digestive problems, ability to focus, motor skills and co-ordination. She is incredibly well informed - she has given me clear, sensible, well founded explanations for the cause of many of the symptoms of Jonah’s autism that one simply does not get on the NHS!
Having access to this information has been incredibly empowering for me as a parent - I feel more enabled to really take ownership of supporting my son.”
mASCot parent

ASC and Physical Health Conditions
Most of us, as parents or carers of ASC children and young people, are very familiar with the co-morbid conditions that go hand in hand with Autistic Spectrum Condition: digestive issues, food allergies and intolerances, anxiety, problems with sleep, low energy, hyperactivity, hypermobility, inability to focus, motor skills and coordination...and so on.

What is less discussed in the mainstream is the direct interrelation between these health conditions and the ASC condition. Many of these symptoms can be explained by poor absorption of nutrients, over sensitive adrenal systems, disrupted hormonal systems, weak immune system and high levels of toxicity.

The dysfunction in the physical and biomedical systems so very common in the ASC picture have direct and serious implications on general health AND, most critically, on an individual’s neurological function and development.

The mASCot Clinic therapist team works with the family to unpick and treat the complex, individual physiological picture of each child.

Cranial Osteopaths have undergone Osteopathy degree training and then a further Cranial Osteopathy post graduate qualification. They are NHS recognised Health Care professionals, fully qualified to diagnose and treat independently.