The mASCot Health and Wellbeing Project

…is a team of experienced health professionals with peadiatric expertise coming from cranial osteopathy, nutritional therapy and homeopathy backgrounds. The team members work with a shared aim of providing mASCot members and their children with a multidisciplinary holistic system of low cost natural health care support and advice.
The Health and Wellbeing Project for mASCot families started in 2013, led initially by a sole practitioner Astra Grayland who is a paediatric osteopath. Due to a huge increase in demand over recent years, we were thrilled to announce the expansion of the team in 2018, with the additions of: osteopaths Frithe Johnson, Suzie Franklin and Troy Bradley; nutritionist Lynn Hickinbottom and homeopaths Roberta Young and Melissa Jobbins. This means that far more people can now access the project, with the added bonus of a broader range of expertise now in the mix.
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More and more parents are seeing that there is an interrelation between certain health conditions and the ASC profile. Issues such as: digestive and bowel problems, food allergies and intolerances, respiratory issues, constant colds/coughs/infections, glue ear, low energy, hyper energy, low muscle tone, hyper mobility, attention and focus issues, motor skills/co-ordination, anxiety, sleep issues…the list goes on doesn't it?!! 
So many of these symptoms can actually be explained by physiological issues - poor absorption of nutrients, overloaded adrenal systems, disrupted hormonal and immune systems, or weakened, overloaded organs are common factors.
The impairments in the physiological and biomedical systems so very common in our ASC young people can have direct and serious implications on general health, mental health AND on an individual’s neurological function and development. This can be a big obstacle in the way of reaching their true potential.
The mASCot Health and Wellbeing Project team works with the family to unpick, support and treat the complex, individual physiological health picture of each child.

To read more about each practitioner and their field of expertise, follow this this link 

Frequency of appointments are entirely up to each person. Some people check in every 2 or 3 months, others may want a more intensive course of treatment for a period of time. To be discussed with your practitioner and very much around what suits each person, working around time and budget. 

When you contact a practitioner to book up, they will email you a detailed case history form to fill in ahead of your assessment appointment.

If you already know what discipline you want to start off with, first assessment bookings can be made by email directly with individual practitioners, contact details listed below.
Please note that as this is a collaborative approach, practitioners will always aim to refer people between them for particular specialized courses of treatment as necessary. 
For Osteopathy/Cranial Osteopathy:
Astra -  Mimi manages Astra’s bookings.
(Note: Astra and Frithe will also be referring people to osteopaths Suzie Franklin or Troy Bradley according to the specific needs of the child/young person)
For PARENTS/CARERS’ Osteopathy/Cranial Osteopathy:
For Homeopathy (children or parent/carers):
Roberta - Email: raisinghealth@me.com
Melissa -  Email: melissajobbins@hotmail.com
For Nutritional Therapy (children or parent/carers):
Lynn - Email: lynn@biokitchen.co.uk

If you aren’t sure which discipline to start off with, you can book a triage assessment with any of the 4 practitioners below. They each have a good working knowledge of all the other disciplines and can advise on the most suitable course of action.
Astra - Email Mimi: mimibanks@asc-mascot.com
Roberta - Email: raisinghealth@me.com


Triage assessment - 30 mins @ £15
Osteopathy -   30 mins @ £25
Homeopathy - 30 mins @ £25
Nutritional Therapy assessment - 60 mins @ £50 

(Note: to spread cost, the assessment can be split into x2 30 mins @ £25 over a few weeks if necessary, please discuss with Lynn at booking)

Nutritional Therapy follow up sessions - 30 mins @ £25
If these costs are a barrier to you accessing the project, concessionary rates also available according to what is affordable for you. Please discuss with the practitioner at booking.

mASCot Centre @ The Children’s Centre
Portslade Library
223 Old Shoreham Road


Clinics take place on Saturdays.

If you have any questions regarding this project please email MImi.

Parents Account
“Astra has been instrumental in the astounding progress that my son has made in his state of health, sleep, anxiety and sensory issues, digestive problems, ability to focus, motor skills and co-ordination. She is incredibly well informed - she has given me clear, sensible, well founded explanations for the cause of many of my son's symptoms that one simply does not get on the NHS!
Having access to this information has been incredibly empowering for me as a parent - I feel more enabled to really take ownership of supporting my son.”
mASCot parent