run by Becca Dyer

What is ASC Art Club?
I decided to set up this club to provide more opportunities for children with Higher-functioning ASC to meet and share interests in a safe and respectful after-school environment. Cartoons are not only popular but also allow individuals with ASC to build on their strengths in visual thinking. Sessions are designed not only to promote creativity and self-expression, but to also to use special interests to introduce concepts that are often more challenging to those with ASC. 

Possible activities include:
Making red ‘X-ray’ glasses as a way of discovering ‘hidden messages’ and learning how to see things in different ways (see picture).
Developing characters to represent and explore different emotions – anger, happiness etc and using these characters to explore complex feelings and ‘degrees’ of emotions.
Exploring thought-bubbles as a way of introducing other people’s thoughts.
Using Carol Gray’s ‘Comic Strip Conversation’ technique to build communication techniques. http://www.autism.org.uk/about/strategies/social-stories-comic-strips/comic-strip-conversations.aspx

How are sessions run?
We will utilise visual timetables, sensory aids and timers to provide structure to the sessions, but the ultimate emphasis will be on allowing each child to decide what they want to do.  Activities will be provided, but children will not be expected to complete these activities if they would prefer to do something else. There will also be comics and related books provided if children would prefer just to read and chill-out. All equipment will be provided and is included in the price. As far as possible we will provide an appropriate sensory environment in line with current recommendations.

The staff ratio will initially be 1:3 students to ensure a high-quality experience, and we ask that each parent/carer complete an initial assessment form before the first session to allow us to get a sense of each child’s specific interests, needs and how we can make the sessions most interesting and enjoyable for them!
Sessions coming up in 2018:

Tuesdays: 4pm – 5pm for 10 – 16year olds at

Wednesdays: 3.30pm – 5.40pm for 6-12 year olds at

£10/6 conc or £8/4 conc advanced block booking

Individual or Small Group sessions available on request. 

About me
I’m an artist and children’s worker with over 10 years of experience delivering art, crafts and play workshops in mainstream and specialist settings. I have recently completed a Post-Graduate Certificate in working with students with autism at Brighton University, and am also trained to deliver Social Stories. As far as possible each session is designed around current Autism research and established good practice guidelines, and I am trained in Child Protection and Safeguarding with an Enhanced DBS and comprehensive insurance. I am passionate about providing inclusive creative opportunities that recognise that strengths of different learning profiles and build resilience and well-being. 

Please complete the form and email me if you are interested or to find out more contact me on:

Mobile: 07912445354

Thanks for reading!


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