About Us.......

Read about how
we started and what mASCot is all about...

mASCot was started 11 years ago by a parent, Sam Bayley :

"As a parent of a child with an Autistic Spectrum Condition, I wanted a place where parents and carers in Brighton and Hove could meet face-to-face or online and support each other.
Having the coffee mornings and the online forum has made this possible, watching mASCot grow and become such an amazing group with so many families involved is so brilliant to see"

By Sam Bayley

mASCot has evolved over the years and we now have over a 480 members and our membership is growing daily.

mASCot has a hard working group of Directors, all of whom are parents of a child/children on the spectrum and a committed sub-group of parents working hard to improve the services for children with ASC within B&H.
We are continually planning new projects which include activities, talks, clubs, workshops and meet ups for our mASCot children and families. The best thing about mASCot is that we are all there for each other. We are all busy families so having a place where we can share problems, solutions and advice is so important.

Being able to access help within a network of support whenever you need it is so amazing, to be able to just share a story is great. There will always be someone to listen and be there for you.

Becoming a member
All access to mASCot projects and clubs are for members only if you wish to join then click the 'join mASCot here' logo and send us your details

By becoming a member of mASCot you will have access to our private members only Facebook group and inclusion in all we do. You will become a member of a strong community that supports and are there for each other. We work hard to raise awareness and promote acceptance of Autism and to improve work in schools and services  to better provide what our families and children/young people need. 

So, by becoming a member, as well as getting the support need, you strengthen the mASCot community by adding to our collective voice.

What we do.......
  • Coffee mornings for a good old chat
  • Pub meets give us a chance to meet and have adult time
  • Support and be there for each other
  • Clubs for our children and young adults
  • Courses and training for parents
  • Try to meet up with the children in the holidays so they get a chance to get to know each other
  • Build up a database of valuable information.
  • Guide each other in how to handle school issues
  • Actively seek funding
  • Become a vital community for families in an ASC world
  • Expand our knowledge on Autism so we become the experts on our children
  • Swap advice and ideas
  • Share success stories
  • Share info on the services available in B&H
  • Become good friends
  • Share problems
  • Solve problems
  • Swap info on things going on in B&H that would be of interest or value to other families
  • Care about each other