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mASCot 1-1 Sessions

These are hosted by Sam Bayley, Sam has 24yrs lived experience supporting families, she has completed many hours of training in all areas that could affect our families and children including:

  • Attachment Awareness

  • Autism Awareness - The Impact on Families

  • Autism Spectrum and Social Interaction

  • Autism Spectrum Basic Awareness for Autism Champions

  • Child Sexual Exploitation

  • Supporting Young People who have experienced Exploitation

  • Consent, Sex and Young People

  • Criminal Exploitation

  • Fabricated and Induced Illness

  • Intensive Interaction

  • Introduction to Solution Focused Practice

  • Mental Health Awareness

  • Mindfulness for Children and Young People

  • Positive Interventions with Children

  • Resilience

  • Safeguarding in a Digital Age - A Practical Guide to Keeping Children Safe Online

  • Suicide Awareness (Working with Young People) - (Under 16yrs old)

Through lived experience, Sam can help:


  • Guide you through most stages of your journey

  • Be there when you need someone to listen to you

  • Help you build up a bank of strategies to help you navigate the wonderful, but often hard journey ahead.

It's not therapy, It's not counselling, It's having someone by your side, supporting you, so you can support your family.

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"Having been part of the SEND world for over 24yrs, meeting and working with many families, means I can share what I have learn't with others to make their journey that little bit smoother" 

Due to our mASCot funding being so low, we are now having to charge for mASCot's 1-1 Sessions, please find prices below.

What people use the sessions for....

  • To find out more about mASCot and all we do

  • Talk through school issues and how best to deal with them

  • Help navigate EHCP forms and DLA applications

  • Talk through behaviour strategies to use at home

  • Talk about transition times at school

  • How to access all the support you need

  • To talk about anything you are angry or frustrated with

  • To talk about ways you can support mASCot

  • To just come in for a cuppa and a chat with someone who knows what you are going through


Free - 30 min Zoom session for new members to find out more about mASCot and information on all the things we do

£20 - 1 hour Zoom or Phone 1-1 Support Session

£25 - 1 hour in person 1-1 Support session at the Childrens Centre

How to arrange a meeting

Sam's 1-1 sessions are for mASCot members only and can be booked by Private messaging Sam directly.

If you are not a member but wish to arrange a meeting to talk then message by sending a Text or email via the details below.

Tuesdays: In person meet ups at the Centre.

Wednesdays: Zoom - Phone meetings 

Thursdays: Zoom - Phone meetings

If you wish to join mASCot 

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