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The TLC and mASCot team up to deliver Social Detectives and Cadets Courses over the year. The two groups sometimes run together, but will separate for age appropriate activities. To book places and find out more please email

Courses are run through the year

The main objective of this programme is to help children on the autistic spectrum develop and enhance some specific social skills. Understanding what personal space is, how to interrupt, reading body language, making jokes, coping with demands/transitions, compromising, taking turns, being a good friend, being in a group situation, playing a game and so on, are all skills that most children seem to just ‘learn’ but children with ASC often find hard and that’s what we aim to help with. The Social Detectives programme combines carefully structured sessions within a fun-filled, creative, engaging and interactive learning environment. It utilises teaching, principles and strategies derived from the leaders in the field of social skills eg Pamela Wolfberg’s integrated play therapy, Michelle Garicia-Winner’s Social Thinking and Autism.

Children attending this group are approx 7 - 12 years old, are able to read, and take part in
activities that explore more of the complex subtleties of social interaction eg going with the flow of a conversation, body language, the differences between what people say and what they might mean or feel etc

Was set up to cater for children of a younger age and stage (approx 4 - 6 years old) - who might not be able to read yet and is more geared up for building the foundations eg. turn taking, playing with or even alongside peers, listening skills, learning to learn skills, coping with transitions or demands/requests etc

Parents and carers welcome to sit in the sessions and assist or observe. You can also choose to take a break, have a cuppa and a chat with other grown ups .
Neurotypical siblings/friends are welcome
and actively invited to join the group as it’s really fantastic to have them to model behaviours (no additional charge for siblings/friends).

Consultation with parents
will take place ahead of the courses in order to build in addressing specific issues that individual children require, this ensures that the programme of activities is bespoke to the children taking part.

How much?
£42 for the 6 week course (ie £7 per session).
However, if the fee is a barrier to accessing the course please contact Mimi directly and we’ll work something out.