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Welcome to mASCot
mASCot is a parent led support group for families who have children with an Autistic Spectrum Condition. mASCot enables families to connect and meet others in the same situation as themselves. We are all families from Brighton and Hove and we all use the same schools and services. The support we get from each other has been a lifeline for many of our families and now mASCot has become the strong support network that we all need but wasn't always available to us locally.

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Getting our voices heard
mASCot works closely with the Local Authority, Services and Schools to raise awareness, standards and understanding of ASC and the difficulties families face every day. Families come to us with many stories of situations they have experienced and many worries about how their ASC children's needs are not always being met. We also hear stories of good practice and we are striving for this to become the norm in Brighton & Hove and that families become empowered to push and insist things change for the better. For us at mASCot to be able to feedback to the many meetings and boards we attend we need to build up data of all the current, continuing and new issues that families are experiencing. We need to get feedback on what families are dealing with whether it's good or bad so we can build up a clear picture of awareness in Brighton & Hove. If you have any feedback, however small it sounds, please fill in our Feedback form by clicking the image below.

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