m      ot - managing Autism Spectrum Condition online together

mASCot is for families who have children with an Autistic Spectrum Condition mASCot enables families to connect and meet others in the same situation as themselves. We are all families from Brighton and Hove and we all use the same schools and services. The support we get from each other has been a lifeline for some of our families and now mASCot has become the strong support network that we all needed but wasn't always available to us locally.

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the support we do and to keep mASCot up and running

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mASCot have had to move out of the free premises we had for the last year.  This has been really hard on mASCot as we have nowhere to go and have had to store all our belonging  that we have build up over the year at our homes. If you know of anywhere in the Brighton and Hove area that we can use as our new base or know anyone who can help us please let us know ASAP by sending a message